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About Us/ Organic compost mulch

Nathan Richards


Nathan was born and bred into a family who had a love of trees! As a child his life and that of his family revolved around trees and the outdoors.

Nathan left school and became a landscape gardener, with his Father for a couple of years. It was here that he recognized the need for organic mulch that broke down the soil, kept the soil weed free and protected the plants from extreme heat and cold.

Nathan took a break from Landscaping and did Plumbing and Gasfitting for 5 years.

After plumbing and settling down with Lucie and daughter Violet, Nathan had a  desire to get back to his “Horticultural Roots” and worked in wholesale nursery as the sales manager and then Operations manager. Nathan believes that organic Mulch is the best thing for your garden and environment as it is organic, reduces landfill and conditions the soil in a natural way. He is also passionate about supplying organic mulch as a way to support the local community with the donations to schools programme.

Ask about our school donation programme


Masterton Mulch believes that giving back to the community that supports them is imperative.

Being part of a community that is nurturing and nourishing  both for the environment and schools is a passion for Nathan and his family.

They want to encourage people to purchase their Mulch, which is the only mulch of its kind in the area  and in turn support a local school.

It may be the school that your children or grandchildren attend. 

If you purchase 5m3 for $350, Masterton Mulch will donate $35.00 to a school of your choice. 

If you purchase 10m3 for $500.00 , Masterton Mulch will donate $50.00 to a school of your choice

The school must be in the Wairarapa District and we will keep a tally of donations and announce them in our newsletter. 

The school can use the money for supplies, mulch, essential costs for kids , transport and more!!

Just let us know what school you wish to donate to and we will organise the rest.

Why Mulch?



Organic compost mulch does it all for your landscaping or gardening.

Consider mulch an investment with guaranteed yields. In addition to improving your property’s appearance, it reduces weeds, stabilizes the soil, conserves water, and improves plant health. Many people do not know that mulch has insulating properties, making the spring and fall — when the soil isn’t too hot or cold — the best times to lay a fresh layer. Learn more about why mulch is your landscape’s master multi-tasker.

Mulch Retains Moisture

Mulch is a powerful tool for water conservation. A thin layer of mulch blocks the sun without impeding irrigation, so soil stays cooler. Moisture evaporation from soil covered with mulch is typically reduced by 10 to 50 percent. Foundation plantings, trees, and flower beds can all benefit.

Mulch Reduces Weeds

Studies have found weeding time to be greatly reduced through the use of mulches. Proper mulching, coupled with herbicide application, can practically eliminate the need for weeding and cultivating. In order to fully realize the benefits, application and mulch quality matters. The mulch must be weed-free and must be applied evenly at an appropriate depth to help prevent existing weed seeds from germinating.

Mulch Protects and Insulates

The effect mulch has on soil temperatures is probably one of the most overlooked benefits. Mulch keeps the soil around your plants’ roots cooler on warm days and warmer on cold nights. This is especially important during rapid temperature shifts. In cold weather, mulch works to prevent the soil from alternately freezing and thawing, which can lead to plants and roots being pushed out of the ground.Call Masterton mulch today!


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